The Internet's Stationary
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Discreet, disposable webpages that you can publish lickity-split. More reusable than a text message that gets lost after a month of sweaty texting. More personal than a blog post because your pages won't get listed in Google.

It's for back-of-the-envelope pet-sitting instructions. It's for grandma's secretly plagiarized cornbread recipe. It's for the sloppy love letter you were too chicken to deliver to your secret crush. It's for your stupidly long list of hypothetical cat names. It's for the "actually pretty good" business plan you came up with while you were stoned. It's for the hot-headed manifesto you wrote after you heard Pluto isn't a planet. It's your burn book. It's your postage-paid letter to Santa.

It's the easiest way to give your silly little brain scraps a permanent (or temporary) home on the world wide web.

And every one comes with a hit counter.

Paperware is currently in development. Follow me on mastodon for progress updates.


What do you mean by “discreet” Pages?

Anyone with your page’s link will be able to see it, but it won’t appear in internet search results. Your link can be shared with anyone – you can even post it on social media – but only the people who have the link will be able to find your page.

Can I make my page discoverable in search results if I want to?

Not at this time. There are probably hundreds of other tools for creating pages that are organically discoverable. Paperware is designed to be something different. If you want your content to appear in search results, use one of those other tools.

Why is there a hit counter?

Because hit counters are fun!

Can I turn the hit counter off?

Boooo! (No)

What is Stationary?

Stationary is the cutesy name I gave to Paperware’s page templates. Each stationary has a light and dark appearance, and a pre-defined accent color. Some stationary will have settings that you can control (for example choosing between “Wide Ruled” and “College Ruled”)

How do I change the stationary of my page?

The first stationary available to early birds is loose-leaf paper. Over time, more stationary will be added. When more stationary is added, you’ll be able to change it directly in the editor.

What kinds of formatting can I use in Paperware?

Bold, italic, and one accent-color. The stationary determines what the accent color will be.

Can I add images to my page?

Images are not supported.

How can I keep my pages online for longer?

Pages made by early birds and free-tier users are capped to 30 days online. After that, the page goes offline (but it will remain accessible in the editor, for your eyes only). Eventually, Paperware will offer an affordably-priced subscription option for writers to keep their pages up indefinitely.

How “affordably-priced” will this subscription be?

Pricing hasn't been finalized, but when it’s available, a subscription might be $20 for a full year (less than $2 per month).

How do I create an account?

You can create an account at Paperware exclusively supports Passkey authentication. All you need to do is choose a pen name, and you’re in!

It says my browser doesn’t support passkeys. Can I still create an account?

I’m afraid not. I understand that not all devices support passkeys right now, but browsers are very quickly adding support. Passkeys are not only more convenient than remembering a password, but they’re more secure too.

What happens if I lose my device that has my passkey on it?

Your account is linked to the passkey stored on your device. If you lose access to that device, you will be locked out of your account. As of now, there isn’t a “Passkey recovery” flow, but it is planned for the future.

When I created my account, it scanned my fingerprint/face. Do you have access to this data

No. Absolutely not. Your device makes sure it's you before unlocking your passkeys. Paperware DOES NOT have access to this data.